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Stamped Couplers
Check out our full line of top quality stamped couplers from the top coupler manufactureres in North America including Demco, Fulton and Shelby. We handle a large selection of A-Frame and Straight tongue couplers.

  • Designed for utility, horse/livestock, cargo and construction applications
  • Wide variety of coupler styles, tongue mounts, and latches allow configurations.
  • Corrosion resistant finish for long-lasting, attractive appearance.

  • Shelby

    Straight Tongue
  • Meet or exceed SAE, VESC V-5 and CSA strength requirements.
  • Die-formed from heavy-gauge steel.
  • Available in Posi-Lock or Ajustable Screw Handle styles.
  • 2", 2 1/2" or 3" channel widths.
  • Available without side flanges for weld-on applications.
  • Proven quality and secure latching for SAE Class I, II, and III-rated trailers.
  • Quick-locking handle/underjaw design.
  • Trigger-action "hook-up" or "release" mechanism.
  • Factory-adjusted to correct ball size.
  • Heat-treated load plate

  • A Frame
  • All models are available in prime or oily finish.
  • Ratings: SAE Class III-5,000 lbs., SAE Class IV-10,000 lbs., 25,000 Ibs.
  • 50 degree angle.
  • Class III:
    1. Shelby's exclusive Posi-Lock Latch with heat-treated handle and load plate.
    2. Tow bar and no jack hole models available.
  • Class IV:
    1. 9 ga. carbon steel handle, easy lift hatch with lock open feature.
    2. Stainless steel spring.
    3. Carbon steel embossed under jaw support bracket.
    4. Welded reinforcement bar.
  • Interchangeable jack hole with all U.S. name brand jack models.

  • Fulton

    Straight Tongue
  • Fulton's Fas-LokŪ is offered in a full line of SAE Class I through IV rated straight couplers.
  • The Fas-LokŪ latching mechanism allows quick and easy trailer hook-up.
  • A coupler lock hole is provided for additional trailer security.
  • Ball clamp assemblies are serviceable for in field replacement.
  • Couplers fit 1 7/8" and 2" ball models and a Gross Vehicle Weight from 2000-6000 lbs.
  • Available in zinc finish, prime-painted, or oily assembled.

  • A Frame
  • Fulton A-Frame stamped couplers have high strength steel housings
  • Designed to weld onto frame members set at 50-degree angles.
  • Our Class I is ideal for lighter duty A-Frame trailers
  • Class III is rated for up to 5000 lbs and offers standard A-Frame jack mounting holes.
  • All models are available in prime or oily finish.

  • For more information on pricing and delivery for our Coupler products
    Email Us or call our Sales Team at (204) 661-8111