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Points West Marketing
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84 De Baets St., Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, R2J 3S9
Phone: (204) 661-8111     Fax: (204) 663-9279     Email us
Points West Marketing represents many of the well known and respected manufacturers of OEM Components in North America. It is through this relationship we can provide our customers with quality products and custom solutions.
Manufacturers currently represented by Points West Marketing Ltd

Ace Pump Corporation has provided pumping solutions for the chemical application, off-highway equipment, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets since 1945. These varied applications have required Ace to successfully overcome a wide range of engineering challenges. The pumps are found serving a variety of functions in industry today including: crop sprayers, concrete trucks, asphalt milling machines, anti-icing trucks, turf sprayers, and more. Web Site: www.acepumps.com

Allied-Locke Industries has four divisions: The Agricultural Chain Division, The Precision Roller Chain Division, The Industrial Chain Division, and The Sprocket Division. The company is comprised of an outstanding group of experienced and dedicated employees committed to servicing the customer with a product of excellent quality.
Web Site: www.alliedlocke.com

Demco hydraulic brake actuators are specifically designed to perform even in the harshest braking environments. The master cylinder cap has an automotive-style diaphram for a completely enclosed brake system, preventing brake fluid contamination. Master cylinder pushrod is covered by a rubber boot for additional dirt and moisture protection. DA66 & DA9150 utilize heavy duty self lubricating rollers, DA10 & DA20 use UHMW nylon wear pads, totally eliminating the potential for roller "freeze-up". Common repair parts are interchangeable between models, minimizing the need for large service parts inventory.
Web Site: www.demco-products.com


Den Hartog Industries, Inc. currently operates four divisions: Ace Roto-Mold Rotational Molding, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Sowjoy Metal Fabrication. Manufacturing services offered include custom rotational molding, injection molding, metal fabrication, blow molding, custom assembly and secondary operations, custom packaging services, flotation and structural foam filling. We also offer engineering services including full product design assistance with 2D, 3D and solid modeling capabilities. Tooling, customer service, quality assurance, and delivery services are also available.
Web Site: www.denhartogindustries.com


Greenleaf, was the first to introduce the European concept of air-induction nozzles in the U.S. in 1995 with the TurboDrop and now offers the new AirMix nozzle. Web Site: www.turbodrop.com


Magna-Lite Ltd. specializes in manufacturing wire harnesses for the OEM industry of farm equipment. They custom design your wire harness to any configuration you require, using only the best materials when manufacturing your harness with special consideration given to weather proofing. All harnesses are fully tested in our plant to insure quality workmanship.

Magna Lite Ltd. Carries a full line of LED lights for Trailer Manufacturers including Clearance, Stop, Turn and Tail lights. Web Site: www.magnaliteltd.com


Manufacturers of Conveyor Components, Wood Bearings, Plastic Bearings, Chain Guides, Guide Rails, Extruded Plastic Profiles, Fabricated Plastics and Wood, Machined Plastics and Wood, Molded Bearings, Rollers, Sprockets, Pulleys, Custom Shapes, and Custom Profiles. Web Site: www.pobcoplastics.com

R&R Engineering is a manufacturer of quality U and J threaded bolts for all types of applications using state of the art Planetary equipment. A sampling of the products include battery, hanger, anchor, crank, pin and roller shaft. Web Site: www.randrengineering.com

Shelby is a leading U.S. manufacturer of trailer couplers, manual ratchet winches and trailer jacks. These products and other related accessories are manufactured for and distributed to the marine, agricultural, poultry, recreational vehicle, automotive, sporting goods and industrial markets. Web Site: www.shelbyindustries.com

Special Products Company, located in Golden, Colorado, is one of the world’s major suppliers of tractor 3-point linkage parts and farm accessories. In addition, we are one of the leading manufacturers of tractor-mounted post hole diggers and hydraulic log splitters.
Web Site: www.speeco.com

The Wallace Forge Company has developed new products in the trucking industry to satisfy our customers, and expand the industry.
Web Site: www.wallaceforgecompany.com